Your recipe for
adding value by
making decisions and
taking action.

You may be a company director, or a business executive. You may be a company owner, or you may be thinking about setting up your first company. You may be a parent making decisions about your child’s future. You may be a student studying towards your first qualification or your doctorate. You may have learned what you know through the school of life. You may have a specific decision to make. You may be wishing to improve the decision-making of your board or your team. Whatever your reason for reading this book I hope you discover, or possibly rediscover, the simple ingredients to developing value for you, your family, your team, and your organization. This book is for you. It’s your recipe.

Such a simple strategy to follow and really insightful messages not just for the individual and team but for companies as a's about U but it's not all about U!

Enterprise Account Manager, Auckland, New Zealand

What a pleasure! Finally we're able read a book from beginning to end that highlights key management principles in simple terms. How refreshing not to get bogged down with complex models and theories that no one understands! Plenty of light bulb moments in reading 'Simple as PQRST And U'. The most enlightening two hour read that you could ever wish for.

Senior Financial Analyst - Systems, Perth, Australia

What a really insightful read.
It certainly made me think.

Solo Business Owner, Perth, Western Australia

Be the chef today
and start your own recipe!

  • Paperback : 126 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0648995607
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0648995609
  • Dimensions :  13.31 x 0.69 x 20.29 cm
  • Publisher : PQRST and U
  • Language: English

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